The Largest Miniature Pets Update Ever


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Miniature Pets
2.0 Update
Dear Community, it's about time!
We finally released version 2.0 after several weeks of work!

Here is the full change log:
  • Removed security checks and the use for a license server, it doesn't benefit anyone.
  • Reflections now get pre-loaded.
  • The entire "pet" class was remade.
  • Most of the API was removed, will definitely be brought back in the future. (Re-coding is due)
  • Added anchors. (You can choose the base mob)
  • Added the ability to choose if the base mob is visible or not.
  • Anchors can now be baby or adult.
  • Anchors can now wear armor.
  • Added 1.13 support, some functions doesn't perfectly yet.
Quick summary, since this is the first release of this re-code, bugs are a must, please report them when you find them on our new bug reports forum!