The Forum Update Has Arrived!

Hello Everyone! After some time, while preparing for the release of Version 2.0, we have decided it's about time to make some changes in our website.
This announcement will contain in detail all of the new changes that we have made for the forums. Note that some of these are very technical.

  • Updated PHP to Version 7-2.
  • Started using nginx instead of Apache.
  • Updated MariaDB to Version 10-3.
  • Removed phpmyadmin for security purposes.
  • Installed an SSL Certificate on the server.
  • Added IPv6 support.
  • Updated XenForo to Version 2-0-8.
  • Installed XenPorta.
  • Updated Resource Manager to Version 2-0-6.
  • Added https redirect.
  • Switched to the Default theme. (Temporary)
  • Updated the header logo.

And that's mostly it, It's not plenty, but it's way better now, isn't it?

Yours, Daniel.
Daniel Naaman


Can u make a video about how to create a new custom pet? I want to buy this plugin. But I 😨 I don't complete know how to use