Creating A Pet

To create a pet, you'll need something that allows you to create .zip file, and a good yml file editor (like Notepad++)

1) Create a zipped folder. Let's create... "". When created, it will be empty.
2) Open up this zipped folder and create a file called "DankMemer.yml". This file needs to match the name of the zipped folder.
3) Open up DankMemer.yml, and configure the base of your pet.

name: "&cDankMemer" #This is just the name of the pet in menus and such
description: #This can be whatever you want
- "&7This pet is kinda dumb"
- "&7and so is the owner!"
permission: "mpet.dankmemer"
#This can also be whatever you want. This is the perm needed to summon this pet
symbol: head #This will be used later, but is needed to determine what the pet looks like in a menu
frameDelay: 1
#This is how fast a pet's animations should play
quality: 5 #This determines how choppy/smooth the pet's animations should be

4) Create a file named "items.yml". This determines the items used to make up your pet
5) Open "items.yml" and add some items! Example below:

head: #Note that this is what's used in DankMemer.yml! This item will appear as the pet's menu icon
Owner: "%PetOwner%"
Color: 3361970
Material: 276
Color: 0
Color: 3361970
Material: 276

6) Those items are now configured, but now we need to make them appear on pets. This is via a new folder, "structure". Next to the two previous files in the .zip folder, create a folder called "structure"
7) Each thing in 'structure' is a component in a pet, an armorstand that can wear items. You can make multiple, and people often animate them. Create a file within the structure folder called "body.yml"
8) Configure body.yml as seen below

helmet: head #These are items you made in items.yml. You must create an item there, before putting it here!
chestplate: chestplate
leggings: leggings
boots: boots
small: true #This controls the base armorstand size (and so size of all items)

visible: true #Should the base armorsdtand be visible?
location: #This is the relative location of the armorstand to the center of the pet
height: 0
leftRight: 0
backForward: 0

9) Save your stuff, and rename your "" to "DankMemer.mpet". This is the file type of mini pets.
10) Add this file to your server, in the plugins/MiniaturePets/pets folder

The pet is now complete! It isn't animated, but if you add it to your server and do /mpet reload, you'll have a pet that follows you. Check out our other guide for animating pets (coming soon) to make it have animations when moving or idle!
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