Configure MiniPets to suit your needs! Here's what things in config.yml do!

Checks for a newer version of miniaturepets when on your server.
checkForUpdates: true/false

Disables the plugin entirely, without the need to uninstall it
disablePlugin: true/false

Hook into WorldGuard for region support and additional pet spawning options
useWorldGuard: true/false

Use packets for some menus for a nicer display
usePackets: true/false

Allow users with the hat permission to wear pets as hats
useHats: true/false

Allow users with the disguise permission to disguise as a pet
useDisguises: true/false

Allow users with the ride permission to ride their pets
useRide: true/false

Show pet options when rightclicking your pet
useInteractGUI: true/false

Shows extra debug output in console
debug: true/false

Use combat tag integration
combatTag: true/false

Allow pets to be punched (don't tell PETA)
petPunch: true/false

Use a hopper gui for the interact menu, instead of a chest
useHopperGUI: true/false

Save data pertaining to a player's pets
handlePlayerData: true/false

Honestly no idea what this one does, Daniel wtf is this edit this before somebody notices this message k thanks
PetExtraRemoval: true/false

Use multithreading to improve GUI efficiency
runGUIAsync: true/false

Allow and save names per pet a player has, rather than using one name per player
perPetName: true/false

Show/hide players disguised as a pet
hideDisguisedPlayers: true/false

Controls how often pet animations update (lower is faster)
animationRefreshRate: number 1 through... well don't go too high, 20 is too much

Standardize permissions to be based on the file name, instead of configurable per pet
standardizedPermissions: true/false

If you should be dismounted when riding a pet into water
dismountOnWater: true/false

Bypasses most external spawning plugins. May help if pets don't spawn due to a plugin conflict
bypassSpawnProtections: true/false

Disallow teleportation when disguised
disallowDisguiseTeleport: true/false

Should pets reappear after you change world?
respawnPetOnWorldMove: true/false

If true, downloads the default pet pack if your pets folder is empty
downloadDefaultPetsIfNone: true/false

Use UUID saving (probably not good for offline servers)
SaveWithUUID: true/false

How far away should pets spawn, when selected?
PetSpawnDistance: 1

Controls how far a pet has to be before teleported to the owner
minimumPetTeleportRange: number (70 suggested)

Controls how often a pet's distance from its owner should be checked
petTeleportCheckSeconds: number (4 suggested)

Controls maximum characters in a pet's name
PetNameLimit: number

Words that should not be allowed in pet names
- word1
- word2
- UP