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FREE Vanilla Pack 2018-09-08

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Miniature Pets
Vanilla Pack

Dear Community, this resource contains the most recent release of the official Vanilla Pack for the Miniature Pets Plugin.

The pack consists the following pets:
Chicken (miniaturepets.chicken)
Cow (miniaturepets.cow)
Creeper (miniaturepets.creeper)
*Ghast (miniaturepets.ghast)
Sheep (miniaturepets.sheep)
Skeleton (miniaturepets.skeleton)
*Slime (miniaturepets.slime)
Spider (miniaturepets.spider)
Villager (miniaturepets.villager)
Zombie (miniaturepets.zombie)
Zombie Pig-Man (miniaturepets.zombiepigman)
Beside each pet name appears the appropriate permission.

Thank you for using Miniature Pets!

* Pets fail to follow the players in some occasions.
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