All Of My Pets ⌛️ 444 Different styles ⌛️ My Future Pets ✵ NEW ✵95% OFF

All Of My Pets ⌛️ 444 Different styles ⌛️ My Future Pets ✵ NEW ✵95% OFF Version 1.8 higher


804.50EUR ✖70.00EUR ✔


Looking for quality Pets Creator?
Here you will find the finest & cheapest Pets.
All you have to do is placing these pets' .rar files in the "pets" folder of you miniaturepets plugin. If you're facing any problems, feel free to message any of our staff team on Discord.

Supported versions: 1.8+
Some pets may not work with 1.8

You can test my pets by joining this server


The permission are the pet name » Mpet.(PetName)


Since there alot of pictures i cant put them all so the best idea for you guys is to join to my server and check all of my pets from there

Important Note: Number of Pets in the package is 444


Discord server:
Owner: Kawaii_Fox_YT# 0113
Kawaii Iheb
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70.00 EUR
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Latest updates

  1. Update - 84

    Added Obsidian Pet to the pack
  2. Update - 83

    Added 10 Racing Cars to the pack
  3. Update - 82

    Added Ninja Turtles pets to the pack

Latest reviews

I've tried most of the pets on this website, and I couldn't find better than your quality & prices. also the ideas of the pets are incredible.

I'd recommend to a friend!
Good pack and a lot of pets for the price!
Best package, great price and amazing pets!
Awesome pack one of the best pet maker, really nice support on discord!
Awesome pack. So many pets in really high quality made. Huge bargain.
excellent service, the creator was patient with the purchase even though he had no idea how to do it.
the pack is fabulous.
Extremely good pack that covers a wide variety of pets. Honestly, the fact that this pack continues to be updated every other day is insane. The price tag may appear steep, but you have to understand that this will pretty much cover all of your MiniaturePets needs without having to do any work yourself. It's that good.
4/5 - Excelent quality pets, many updates, getting support is super easy. Only thing was that we had to refund the purchace through here and paypal it directly, which was a bit painful, but other than that it was all fine
Pets inside these pack are Quality made! The effort and detail put in to them is amazing, Would recommend this pack 100%
Always the best. Constantly updated, great pet selection! Best bundle I ever had!
Kawaii Iheb
Kawaii Iheb
Thx for your review!