★JunglePack★ ➤ Unique ➤ Animated ➤ No Lighting Glitch ▷NEW◁

PAID ★JunglePack★ ➤ Unique ➤ Animated ➤ No Lighting Glitch ▷NEW◁ 1.0

These well-crafted pets will be an absolute treat to your players.
Unlike many other pets on here these pets do not have the shadow glitch (aka lighting glitch), They are well made to not happen 99.9% of the time when walking on a flat surface. All pets are fully animated while walking or idle.

Here are some images to show off the pets.

(Images not working? click here!)

Such a small price for something that has been in the
works for a long time and has no bugs to be seen.

-⚏★⚏- MPet Test Server -⚏★⚏-
Unofficial | 1.9 - 1.13
✔ Test Free & Premium Pets!
✔ Random MPets walking around!
✔ Get the download link from in-game!
✔ Lag-free and easy to join!
▶ IP: mpet.sirbailey.net

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If you join my discord and buy a pet you will get free updates for life.
If this pet gets an update it will be free and easy to download without
even needing to ask me for the update.
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