TigerCub 1.0

This is the Tiger. He'll bite. I swear

  1. TheGameBeastNL
    Hello peeps,I found this in the old Default pack.
    I just wan't to give this to the people who didn't got a chance to download it earlier!
    And this is Mr.Tiger
    Good luck with it!

    If you want to support me, don't hesitate:

Recent Reviews

  1. SirBailey
    Version: 1.0
    User has added a donate link for a pet he didn't make or got permission to upload. What ever you say to this review you not help you in anyway. Just cause he has not reuploaded the file doesn't mean you should. Once you start making your own pets you will start to respect all the work he did to make this pet and you just steal his credit, For shame.
  2. Benzx1
    Version: 1.0
    You're not the original creator
    1. TheGameBeastNL
      Author's Response
      Man, i know.
      But the page kept resetting...
      And i found the old ones back. I just wan't to give them to the people who didn't got a chance for that. (I know i'm not)