Jake The Dog ($2) [Original] 1.1

What time is it? Walking time!

  1. SirBailey

    This pet was made to be like the dog model on Hpixel.
    I can agree that it looks 99.9% the same, do you?

    It has 2 animation walking and idle.
    The walking animation looks twice as better as seen in the default pack.
    The idle animation makes his wag his tail cause he is so happy to be a part
    of your server!

    This pet has no bugs at all. No shadow glitch to be seen!
    Your players will have fun with this well put together pet.


    Here are some images to show off the pet.


    (Images not working? click here! https://imgur.com/a/Zoo0b)


    (If you would like me the change it for you, just ask!)


    Such a small price for something that has been in the
    works for a long time and has no bugs to be seen.


    Join my discord server to buy!
    By joining my discord server you will agree to my TOS and Rules.

    If you join my discord and buy a pet you will get free updates for life.
    If this pet gets an update it will be free and easy to download without
    even needing to ask me for the update.​
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