★ Turtle ★ ➤ Unique ➤ Animated ➤ No Lighting Glitch ▷ Original ◁ 1.0

Need someone to help you come out of your shell? Slow and steady always wins the race.

  1. SirBailey

    This well-crafted pet will be an absolute treat to your players.
    Unlike many other pets on here this pet does not have the shadow glitch (aka lighting glitch), This pet is so well made that the shadow glitch (lighting glitch) won't happen 99.9% of the time when walking on a flat surface. This pet is fully animated while walking or idle.
    Unlike others that use skulls for the whole body and legs I use leather, this means it's doesn't gltich out as much and no lighting gltich.

    A copy of Hypixel's that might even be better.

    Before posting I copied another user on the forums think ago, mine was posted before his on the old website before it got reset. I finally had time to re-upload this resource.

    Textures were made by myself that I tried to copy from Hypixel to make it almost the same. Anyone else with this textures is using it without my permission since I did upload them to freshcoal.com. Sadly this allows other people to see and take them.


    Here are some images to show off the pets.


    (Images not working? click here! https://imgur.com/b3pmYBq)


    Such a small price for something that has been in the
    works for a long time and has no bugs to be seen.


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