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  1. Niko302
  2. a55wecanhua
    I hope some one can upload the tool or tutorial for making mpet. Cause I have the willingness to do some contribution to the forum.
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    2. SirBailey
      You don't need a tool to make a pet. You can do it all in the .mpet file. You just need to config it right. Look at some of the other pets on here and see how they are done. You will need winrar or 7zip to open a .mpet file.
      Jan 24, 2018
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  3. SirBailey
    So many fake users trying to make money without putting work into it. Should the website just ban premuim resources from being on this site?
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    2. justnohacks
      if they succeed in making a good pet, they may want to sell it to buy a steam game or something (2/3)
      Feb 8, 2018
    3. justnohacks
      If you compare everyone on this site in terms of knowledge... etc, you will be at the top because you are good at this but some people are not that good. You cannot just go around saying that they are not putting work into it. (3/3)
      Feb 8, 2018
    4. SirBailey
      it wasn't directed to anyone in mind but some of your packs are a bit eh. Your dragon pets are a very nice touch to any server. Sorry that my opinion got you a bit upset.
      Feb 9, 2018
  4. SolitaSolaa
    SolitaSolaa NacOJerk
    Hi Nac, Benzx1 is fucking all the resources with bad calification. Please We need justice!!!
    1. SirBailey
      Not really, you copied my turtle and gorilla, I haven't had time to repost them but before the website got reset I had those pets up. I remember when you even stole my images and tried to claim them as your own even tho our pets look different. Stop being a hypocrite.
      Jan 16, 2018
  5. rawren
    rawren NacOJerk
    I'd appreciate you forcing Benzx1 to delete his dino mpet as that is MY pet. The site reset and hes posted it as his own creation.
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  6. Benzx1
    Discord: !Benzx1#3837 currently making miniaturepets with decent prices
  7. Benzx1
    Discord: !Benzx1#3837
  8. Cwoot
    Hey, I need pets! See my pet request thread!
  9. Matthew
    Yep, I'm a Dad!
  10. TheGameBeastNL
    TheGameBeastNL SolitaSolaa
    Hello SolitaSolaa!
    I wondered, could you make just a normal Monkey for me?
    I bought all your pets and, they look pretty insane! :)
    But i just needed more. So if you have free time could you make a monkey for me?#
    It could look like this: (just a example)

    Thanks in advance!
    1. SolitaSolaa
      Yes! Ît's possible, please add me on discord: SolitaSolaa#4017
      Dec 6, 2017
    2. TheGameBeastNL
      I added you
      Dec 8, 2017
  11. TheGameBeastNL
    TheGameBeastNL NacOJerk
    Hello NacOJerk
    I just wanted to ask if you know how i could possibly make a monkey
    WHAT? A monkey. Yes a monkey i would really appreciate if you could make one for me!
    Love your plugin <3

    Thanks in advance!

    TheGameBeastNL - Jonathan
  12. TheGameBeastNL
    Iam right here. Around the corner! You dont see me? Ok thats because iam programming Mpets, or i'm searching old ones
  13. SolitaSolaa
    Making professinal MiniaturePets.
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